Taurus Female Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Taurus female.

Taurus Female Characteristics

  • A Taurus female is blessed with great emotional stability which does not fail in adverse situations. She is known to be a strong lady who handles hardest of problems without shedding a drop of tear.

  • A Taurus female's temper is infamous but is displayed after too much provocation.

  • A Taurus female is blessed with a great judgment ability to easily decide between what is wrong and what is right, not on the first glance but over a period.

  • In spite of being adequately feminine and charming, a Taurus female isn't one of those who plays unnecessary tantrums.

  • A Taurus female is very loyal and true to her friends and in return she expects them to stand by her in her in the times she needs them.

  • A Taurus female can be jealous when her partner crosses the casual limits and starts flirting. It is better to respect her demand of absolute fidelity and avoid provoking her subdued rage.

  • A Taurus female is calm, practical, brainy, and has an interest in intellectual subjects. She is hardly seen in restless dispositions.

  • A Taurus female is a strong person and is above the insecurities which females usually have.

  • A Taurus female is an outdoor person who keeps keen interest in activities like horse riding, hiking, adventure sports and can be called a bit tom boyish.

  • Taurus females are lover of nature and artificial things repel them.

  • In a relationship, Taurus females usually prefer taking a back seat and let their partners be the bosses.

  • A Taurus female is overtly practical and can be moody and withdrawn at times.

  • An excellent homemaker, a Taurus female knows exactly what she wants in the material sense.